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playground for modern women

Aribau 226, Barcelona

By and for women, discover the new reference point for work/life balance, collaboration and self-care. All under one chic roof. 

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Meet the founders, designers, creators and mentors at the heart of Juno House.

the house

bringing it all under one chic roof

The Farinera

Speakeasy bar, fireside chats, private dinners, self-care, boutique fitness, and family-friendly services for the women in constant evolution.

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The Nave

Hub for collaboration, co-working and events. An open space to work, bring clients, eat and entertain. Amenities include boardrooms, zoom rooms and a recording studio for podcasts, music and more.

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Juno House is Barcelona’s first members’ club designed by and for women with an emphasis on holistic well-being & professional development. Founded by a team of women from the United States & Spain, Juno House is a catalyst for collaboration.


Your home away from home.
Consider Juno House the ideal place to connect, relax and recharge.



café & bar


little juno

beauty bar