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Discover our weekly agenda: networking events, well-being workshops, and special member & partner-led experiences.


A spotlight on events from our members and partners at Juno House

Business talks with Maria Luisa Martinez, CaixaBank

Wednesday, February 08, 18:30

​In this special edition of Juno Business Talks we will talk to Maria Luisa Martinez, Chief of Communications & Institutional Relations, at CaixaBank. Meet one of the most esteemed DirComms in the country according to Forbes, as we discuss digital transformation, the pain points of leading a corporate team and much more. This intimate interview in the Clubhouse will be moderated by TV presenter, Laura Mesa, and features a Q&A to engage the community. Drinks & snacks provided.

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Business Talks: Women in Tech

Thursday, February 09, 11:00

Interesting round table will be held with STEM women referents in their respective fields who will talk about different topics related to women in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As speakers we will have Tania Brauer, Data Scientist Senior Manager Caixabank Business Intelligence and Elisa Caballero, Head of Global ops and strategy at Glovo, Laura Pardo, R&D Director of Skeyndor, and Anna Casals, head of the innovation department of Celsa Group, powerful women in the STEM sector.

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Networking Lunch: Women in Tech

Thursday, February 09, 14:00

Women in Tech Networking Lunch. Come and meet other #JunoWomen, create a network of contacts and enjoy a special menu made with love by the Juno Café team.

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EdTech Conference & Apolo Kids

Thursday, February 09, 18:00

An event for the presentation of Apolo Kids. There will be 4 talks of thirty minutes each with topics ranging from education in the future as well as the empowerment of talents. Together with it we will have drinks, catering, a lot networking, and activities for the kids in Little Juno.

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Book launch – La Ofensa de Dios

Thursday, February 09, 18:30

Concha Collado Lobato will present her new novel "La Ofensa a Dios", based on real-life events. Through this novel, Collado wants to unmask the reality of some Spanish cloistered convents. All the profits from this novel and all her other publications are donated to NGOs.

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Which wine with which cheese

Thursday, February 09, 19:00

Al voltant de la taula, is a Gourmet Group designed to enjoy, learn and taste gourmet products and the wine landscape of our country. The monthly meetings will be mostly in the Club House of Juno House and other times we will go out to restaurants, cocktail bars, bars, wineries...

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Feedback Fridays & Networking

Friday, February 10, 05:00

Meet up with your fellow Juno Women in our Boardroom for a fun Feedback Fridays & Networking session. Of course, we'll take care of the drinks to celebrate the weekend. See you there!

Feedback Fridays members only.

Write to our Juno Woman Sonia Muñoz ([email protected]) to reserve your place.

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Women Who Changed the World with Historian Andreu Garcia

Monday, February 13, 07:00

Andreu Garcia is a lecturer, professor, specialist in history, mythology and geopolitics. He will offer 5 talks at Clubhouse around the theme of "Women who have changed the world". A unique opportunity to discover secrets of history, anecdotes and learn more about women who have changed the course of history. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet and enjoy an evening of geopolitics, history and topics of interest with a bit of sparkle.

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Winter Workshop – Lydia School of Dance

Monday, February 13, 09:00

During the school winter break, bring your little ones to a magic 3 day long Winter Workshop where there will be dancing, singing, acting, making crafts and much more!

Suitable for kids from 4 to 10 years old.

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Domestic Violence talk

Monday, February 13, 18:30

If we said goodbye to 2022 with 48 cases of gender violence, being December the month with more cases. This year hasn’t started any differently, only during the first week of January, 4 cases were notified. That is why in this round table we will have three experts on the subject that will help us understand why it keeps happening and what we can do to take action.

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Roundtable – Resilience

Monday, February 13, 19:00

Understanding stress and learning to navigate it is an indispensable part of our well-being. Today we invite you to discover from neuroscience how stress impacts our lives, how to reduce it and become more resilient. We'll learn how to find balance in our lives.

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Juno Sounds

Tuesday, February 14, 19:00

Join us for a night of live music at Juno House, with the singer and composer Amaiah and her mix of Jazz, Soul and Latinoamerican music.

Perfect for friends, lovers & #JunoWomen

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Community Digital Group – Cybersecurity

Wednesday, February 15, 19:00

In this meeting of the Community Digital Group, several topics related to cybersecurity and the professions offered by the sector will be discussed. Together with Mónica Espinosa, Carlota Santos, Mar Martínez and Àgueda Navarro.

Come and discover what opportunities there are within the cybersecurity sector!

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Lean In Network Barcelona

Thursday, February 16, 19:00

Presentation of the Lean In and McKinsey report: Women at Work. In this talk led by Eva Blanco, we will be accompanied by two luxury guests, Àngels Chacón and Neema Balolebwami. The session will end with a networking space and a delicious cocktail!

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Juno Breakfast Club

Friday, February 17, 10:00

Join another collaborative work session in the Boardroom. Make it a sweet Tuesday with a great Breakfast & classical music to get the productivity flowing in this new group session.

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Juno Baby – Find your MumSpot

Friday, February 17, 17:30

Building our tribe for one of the moments we need it the most. A safe space for new mums and mums-to-be to exchange experiences, pieces of advice, emotional support, community, and the creation of synergies.

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International Baccalaureate Programme with Pathways in Sustainability

Thursday, February 23, 10:30

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to us all. Consequently, there has never been a better time to start preparing for a career in sustainability while at school. Learn more about the new International Baccalaureate Career-related Programmes in Sustainability Management just launched by The British College of Gava in collaboration with Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) in Barcelona - a revolutionary educational framework pioneer in Spain.

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