Juno House is Barcelona’s first members club designed by and for women with an emphasis on holistic well-being & professional development.

The house, located on Diagonal & Aribau, offers business, wellness and motherhood services for the modern woman looking to grow her career & streamline her day in a chic and elegant setting. Designed as a catalyst for collaboration and a refuge for work/life balance, Juno House aims to make life easier and more inspiring. From motherhood to career reinvention we provide a safe space for members to grow.

Guided by our NYC roots, Juno House is a hub for creativity, productivity, and international synergies. Founded by a team of women from the United States and Spain, Juno House is located in the heart of Barcelona in one of the city’s most emblematic buildings.

our purpose

Guided by our philosophy of collaboration versus competition, our mission is to create spaces that inspire, empower and enable women to live their best lives. 
Juno House promotes a new era of female leadership that encourages work/life balance and that acts as a conduit for business synergies among members.

In Juno House we:


Juno House is created by women for women. It is in our nature to support female-led ventures and act as a launchpad for our members.


Our spaces act as a conduit for members to connect with one another and build relationships outside of the (usual) circles.


Whether you are a new mom looking for a tribe, or a seasoned professional looking to socialize, our spaces are tailor-made for business and leisure alike.


From baby showers to new business launches, Juno House is a supportive community of like-minded women. We celebrate women of all stages and backgrounds.


We are committed to creating a safe space where women of all backgrounds and ethnicities feel at home and supported. As founders we believe deeply in the power of different cultures and perspectives as a catalyst for creativity, innovation and friendship. Juno House will continue to push for a diverse community based on the inclusion of international and intergenerational members, while striving to maintain a balanced ecosystem of women from all industries & skill sets. As a living community that thrives off of your energy, we need your help to achieve these goals. We ask for your mutual commitment in creating spaces that promote equity and equality, while opening your minds to new connections and global celebrations. Thank you for pushing us to become a stronger bridge for the community.


The Juno Woman believes in 
collaboration versus competition,
in the power of female innovation,
in the beauty of diversity and difference.

The Juno Woman is forward-thinking,
creative, and kind.

The Juno Woman makes things happen.
You can too.


Natalie Batlle


The idea for Juno House came to me when I was on maternity leave with my son Eliot. I realized that balancing a career with a young child would require new support channels, and after speaking to countless women it became evident that the quest for work/life balance was a paint-point that extended beyond motherhood.


Liana Grieg


With Juno House I get to share my deep passion for wellness through food, yoga and sustainable health, while creating beautiful spaces that inspire women to thrive collectively.


Eva Vila-Massanas

Advisor & Board Member

Juno House brings together local and international women who are passionate about their careers and motivated to generate impact for the city of Barcelona.