juno women

Meet the founders, designers, creators and mentors at the heart of Juno House.

Natalie Batlle

Founder & CEO

Passionate entrepreneur and mama to Eliot and Chloe. Originally from Chicago, Natalie has called Barcelona home for the last 10 years. Before becoming an entrepreneur she specialized in brand-building, strategic partnerships, and PR for startups. At Juno House she leads vision and ensures the team stays true to its collaboration vs. competition philosophy.

Liana Knight Grieg

Co-founder & Chief of Product

Liana is the community builder who loves bringing people together to enjoy experiential wellness. After 18 years in hospitality, Liana produced events for private equity investors in LATAM, the EU and NYC. Later she grew her wellness passion by helping others find balance while creating spaces that encourage holistic health, professional growth and new connections.

Eva Vila-Massanas

Advisor & Board Member

Passionate about diversity, equality and supporting women-led business, Eva has more than 25 years of experience in multinational consulting firms. With an extensive international career she is an expert in strategy and inclusion and is passionate about social causes. She is an angel investor at WeRock Capital and patron of Fundació ARED.

Carla Crespo Vidal

Head of Marketing

Business strategist and Marketing Specialist she is defined as Non Stop Mama of Bruno and Flavia. With more than 15 years in the field of communication, business strategy and digital marketing, she loves helping companies in the development and implementation of their brand objectives.

Helena Agustí

Founder of weincontro, Creative Director

Creative marketer and entrepreneur, Helena Agustí is a passionate professional, founder of weincontro an agency that merges design and strategy dedicated to going the extra mile. Helena has led the design of the Juno House brand identity and website and has been a driving force behind the launch of the brand so far. 

Laura Veraguas

Chef & Co- founder of VER AGUAS

Restless, explorer, clear and honest, the passion of her life is the desire to share her experiences with the world. Her mission is to bring closer, share and re-educate through gastronomy, influenced by different artistic aspects and always oriented towards the organic, natural and pure tastes that surround us.

Sandra Andujar

President of Elite Excellence

Specialized in the world of luxury, she is a Director and Co-founder of a large conglomerate in the defense of luxury in Spain and Andorra with institutional support. More than a hundred high-end and luxury firms are encompassed under these 3 entities that promote the preservation of luxury, while ensuring the sector grows and reaches new audiences.

Meritxell Ribé

Interior designer & Co-founder The Room Studio

Passionate, vital, versatile, with a great interest in design and a lover of taking care of every last detail, Meritxell Ribé began her professional career in a prestigious architecture studio in Barcelona. In 2005 she became independent to openThe Room Studio with her partner Josep Puigdomènech.

Merche Conca

Architect & Co-founder of BCArquitectura

Architect and angel investor, Merche is a strong proponent of female led ventures. Co-founder and Partner at BCA Blanch + Conca Architects in Barcelona, Merche has 20+ years of experience directing teams and leading innovative builds.

Veronica Fuerte

Founder & Creative directress of Hey

Creative designer, speaker & lecturer based in Barcelona, she is one of the most inspiring women in the creative field. With more than 14 years of experience, Veronica does it all with passion and detail and she truly believes in the power of visuals for changing things and achieving communication goals.

Thaïs Tarragó van Wijk

International Business & Legal Strategist and Translator

Seasoned and creative strategist for business & legal affairs, particularly for creative industries and start-ups, she is also passionate about cross cultural communications. Strategic and down to earth, Thais brings operational knowhow to the team.

Patricia Madrigal

Communications Advisor

Seasoned strategic communications professional with years of agency experience across corporate, consumer and tech clients. Today Patricia is the Co-founder of Strategy Consultants in Barcelona and a mentor to Juno House, always offering insight and helping to position the new brand locally and globally.

Nonna Vallhonrat Ballbè

Stylist, Content Creator & Producer

Passionate about fashion, images and people, she turns your Brand Value into inspiring content, creating a new language that connects with your people through social media. Nonna is also passionate about fashion and known to lend a hand behind the scenes at Juno House photo shoots.